Monthly Archives: October 2021

3 free worldbuilding apps for writers

Have you ever started writing a story and found that you should have recorded important details about characters, locations, and customs for future references? If not, you are one of the smart ones. However, some of us don’t realize our mistake until it’s too late – and searching through a …

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Hands on with StarWind NVMe-oF Initiator for Windows

Windows is great for a lot of things, there’s a reason it’s the number one operating system in the world. That said, it’s not perfect, especially when it comes to embracing new storage standards. Therefore, there is an enormous opportunity for enterprising companies to develop solutions for Windows shops. As …

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What’s new in the Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11?

Source: Windows headquarters The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) for Windows 11 has been updated with various new features and improvements, including support for Linux GUI apps, changes to make installing and updating the platform easier, file explorer integration, memory improvements, and more. On Windows, WSL is the platform that …

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