A deeper look at the upcoming Chromebook gaming revolution

We’re excited to welcome our contributing writer – Luke Short – to The Chrome Cast this week, who is very familiar with the evolution of the game changes coming to Chrome OS in the coming months. Between ‘Mushu’ and a work in progress dedicated GPU for a Chromebook, the Borealis Project (which brings Steam games to Chrome OS), Proton (which brings Windows games to Linux for Steam) and the brand new Steam Deck handheld Gaming PC, we’re going to be alone in gaming and gaming for this episode.

All of these things work together on a gaming revolution that is on the way for Chromebook users. Better GPUs mixed with the custom Steam container (Borealis) create a combo that will legitimately make Steam games for Chromebooks possible in the near future. Proton opens the door to seamlessly playing Windows games in this environment and the new Steam Deck only pushes the upcoming availability of the 50,000+ Steam games, with Valve hoping to have 100% compatibility for their entire library by December, if that Steam Deck (which runs on Linux) will actually start. All of this helps make a very compelling case for local gaming on Chromebooks by the end of 2021, and we can’t wait to see it.



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