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Stratodesk, the world’s leading EUC innovator of Endpoint OS software, today announced the general availability of its latest software evolution, Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4. Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 answers the key challenges companies are facing in a new hybrid work environment, increasing the adaptability and usability of high-performance, hybrid cloud work environments. Stratodesk’s latest operating system achieves this by adding features that enable simpler end-user experiences, advanced high-resolution protocols, and integration with the latest software releases from cloud and VDI solution providers.

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What’s new in Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 (Graphic: Business Wire)

“According to our primary research, 81% of technology-enabled workers perform at least some work tasks outside of the physical office,” noted Steve Brasen, research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Most legacy technologies are not equipped to securely deliver IT services to remote users without impacting their productivity. Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 works with existing IT infrastructures to create consistent user experiences, and the newly released self-service capabilities allow for hassle-free broad deployment.”

Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 addresses IT challenges by enabling hybrid working

In 2022, ensuring the effectiveness of secure, high-performing hybrid cloud workspaces is a key challenge for IT leaders. Businesses continue to look for new and better ways to offer their employees flexibility in the workplace. In fact, a recent study found that 100% of IT leaders surveyed want a hybrid work model. To achieve this without sacrificing productivity, organizations need a more powerful, customizable, and easy-to-use endpoint operating system than anything previously available on the market.

Stratodesk addresses this need with a new development of the Stratodesk NoTouch software. Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 offers important functions to enable the new, secure hybrid working world. It also includes the biggest graphical user interface (GUI) update since the last major update released in 2021 – a new first-time installation wizard and sleek new design elements that streamline the end-user experience. Together, these improvements will reduce helpdesk calls for large organizations by simplifying endpoint setup and interaction in remote work scenarios.

A simpler out-of-the-box experience for Stratodesk NoTouch OS that allows customers to be intuitive themselves

Updates made to the GUI provide a simpler out-of-the-box experience of Stratodesk NoTouch OS. Stratodesk NoTouch administrators retain full control the first time, while end users can take a simpler, self-service approach. The updated installation process guides system administrators through a step-by-step process that simplifies endpoint deployment to thousands of devices — fulfilling Stratodesk’s mission of making adoption easier for enterprise customers.

The new graphic elements include several additional icons that complement the minimalist design of Stratodesk NoTouch OS. An ideal alternative to the traditional “hotkey” approach, these icons provide remote workers with a simple and intuitive way to manage their networks, enable multi-monitor display, and access their sound settings.

Natively cloud-friendly updated clients to enable cloud workspaces are included

Ultimately, updates made to the Stratodesk NoTouch OS out-of-the-box experience will strengthen cloud and traditional VDI workspaces.

“In 2022, we expect more companies to look to the cloud to enable hybrid working,” said Ricardo Antuna, VP of Stratodesk Strategic Alliances. “Regardless of the physical locations of the endpoints, Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 is designed to ease challenges in scaling hybrid deployments and adapting hybrid work environments.”

To achieve easier deployability and scalability for secure cloud workspaces, Stratodesk maintains its historic day-one delivery for brand new Linux clients as they become available from VDI/cloud solution providers such as Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware. Stratodesk NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center are fully cloud-native, giving customers the choice of an on-premises or cloud-based solution to streamline their hybrid workspace deployments.

“Adaptability in a hybrid working world is a greater necessity than ever,” says Stratodesk founder and CEO Emanuel Pirker. “By ushering in a new evolution of Stratodesk software, we’re effectively saying, ‘This is what we’re here for.’ Hybrid work has never been such a compelling proposition, enabling everything from retaining better talent to increasing productivity while maintaining a better work-life balance. Of course, making the user experience for remote workers as seamless as possible is critical to the productivity of any organization. The updates made to Stratodesk NoTouch OS reflect the changes in the modern workplace as we all collectively search for a new and better way to work hybrid.”

The latest updates to Stratodesk Cloud Xtension drive the evolution of scalability in hybrid work deployments. Stratodesk has expanded the already rich capabilities of Stratodesk Cloud Xtension, effectively improving scalability performance for hybrid cloud deployments.

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is the first EUC endpoint software support to support Mechdyne TGX

Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 adds to its history of firsts with the availability of Leostream within Stratodesk NoTouch OS. The natively available Stratodesk NoTouch OS is the first endpoint operating system to natively enable Mechdyne TGX via Leostream, enabling powerful graphical content for remote endpoints. Advanced use cases that benefit from these improvements range from media and entertainment to oil and gas to the extremely demanding (from a graphical perspective) world of editing production houses.

A US government defense company initially looking for a PCoIP solution capable of handling high-resolution content chose Mechdyne TGX and its inclusion in Leostream and is working closely with Stratodesk to enable this solution in its cloud deployment.

“By partnering with Stratodesk, we are able to offer a seamless experience to employees around the world,” said Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream. “Stratodesk customers can connect to their virtual and cloud desktops using their preferred viewing protocol. Our mutual relationship with Mechdyne also makes it possible to use the powerful TGX protocol for high-end resolution.”

“By integrating with Stratodesk and Leostream, we are able to deliver the world’s first iteration of a thin client operating system that includes our powerful TGX protocol for high-end graphics displays,” said Cathy Lascara, VP of Software at Mechdyne . “TGX is ideal for demanding scenarios in the areas of energy, technology, entertainment and loves high resolutions and multiple monitors – ideal for companies.”

Compressed imaging makes Stratodesk NoTouch OS faster than ever

In addition, Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 uses a new compression technique that results in improved performance and makes Stratodesk NoTouch OS faster than ever. This advanced speed allows IT to maximize the time-saving benefits they already expect from mapping and deploying new devices with Stratodesk NoTouch OS across entire deployments and thousands of endpoints.

Customers who want a deeper dive into what Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 is offering can access the release notes through their customer portal for a full overview of new features. Business and IT leaders new to Stratodesk NoTouch can schedule a 20 minute demo of our software.

“By making self-service within Stratodesk NoTouch OS easier than ever for end users, our customers have another unique selling proposition from the EUC innovator,” said Sonia St. Charles, CEO of Davenport Group. “Additionally, as a Titanium Partner of Dell Technologies, we look forward to what these latest updates mean for our customers using new and existing Dell PCs, laptops and thin clients – getting them repurposed with the latest clients from VDI/Cloud providers will look and feel like new.”

“We share a mission to provide secure hybrid cloud workspaces for employees anywhere, and our partnership with Stratodesk brings Stratodesk NoTouch OS high security and adaptability to our DX Series thin client solutions,” said Sean Copeland, executive vice president at Amulet Hotkey. “Lightweight and feature-rich, our customers offer advanced features supporting PCoIP, Blast and other remote display protocols for high-end use cases in global enterprise, defense and government markets.”

For more information, see Stratodesk’s latest release summary.

About Stratodesk

Founded in 2010, Stratodesk is the world’s leading EUC innovator of Endpoint OS software. Stratodesk’s agile and customer-centric, Linux-based managed operating system software, Stratodesk NoTouch, redefines end-user computing with its freedom to turn any device into a cloud-enabled and highly secure endpoint, allowing organizations to cost-effectively manage their unified VDI endpoint for secure digital deployments Perimeter. Stratodesk’s software works seamlessly with all x64, x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based hardware products, increasing endpoint security and simplifying the user experience. Today, with nearly one million licenses deployed across diverse industries worldwide, Stratodesk prides itself on its authenticity and commitment to delivering the most innovative software solution to its customers. Visit www.stratodesk.com for more information.

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