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A cloud-based software provider claims that agents need to prepare for the future – and a completely different workday – in order not to be left behind by the competition.

Openview – Powered by VTUK argues that technological innovations and the Covid-19 pandemic have dramatically changed the way people live and work. Everyday practices to make working remotely easier and more effective.

It is said that software is a long-term solution that every business needs, with an increase in the home and flexible working environment. In a recent FlexJobs survey of more than 4,000 respondents who work from home in response to the pandemic, 73% said working from home improves their work-life balance.

“Working remotely has encouraged companies to rely on software systems to keep business in order,” said Peter Grant, chairman and chief executive, Openview.

“These systems are the main reason the real estate industry has thrived whether or not work is done at home instead of in the office. In order to keep communication transparent and to keep track of things, the real estate market should make software a long-term investment. “

He adds: “Automation makes tasks error-free and enables tasks to be completed quickly. Customers get what they want quickly and precisely, which can build trust. “

Openview says that while the circumstances of the pandemic are obviously undesirable, the changes Covid-19 has made in the world of work have shown what the future of work will be.

Research shows that in 2019 only 5.1% of the UK workforce were working from home, despite the steady increase in software and CRM systems that made it possible. Since 2019 that number has increased dramatically as the pandemic changed the working day. The number of companies using software for support is also likely to have risen.

Old software

“It’s great to see so many brokers and landlords adapting to PropTech. We need to maintain the momentum and understand that sales, job satisfaction and productivity can continue by trusting a cloud-based solution to do the hard work for you, ”Grant said.

Claiming that there is an opportunity to generate leads by building long-term customer relationships through CRM systems, Openview argues that broader technological adoption will help agents and landlords focus on more important tasks rather than time-consuming management focus that could be automated instead.

“History repeats itself often, and in the past, some companies were slow to adapt to technology despite warning signs and eventually fell by the wayside. There are warning signs that companies will have to adapt to software in the long term. For example, the huge demand for the stamp duty holidays has shown that software is needed to minimize the workload and stay in control, ”continues Grant.

“Covid-19 has driven the transition to more hybrid, flexible ways of working and greater use of PropTech. Now is not the time to undo the hard work. With our technology-driven platform, you can ensure that your company moves forward in the changing everyday work environment. “

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