Amazon introduces the AWS infrastructure from Amazon Ads

Amazon will be highlighting the architecture of Amazon Web Services at re: Invent as part of its fast-growing advertising business.

In a session on Tuesday, Amazon and its AWS entity will go over the infrastructure behind Amazon Ads. Amazon’s advertising business is growing rapidly and falls into the company’s “other” category in the finance sector. In the third quarter, Amazon’s other revenue was $ 8.1 billion. This revenue line is increasingly viewed as a proxy for Amazon’s advertising business.

According to a blog post, the Amazon Ads session (session ADM301) will cover customer types including advertisers, third-party vendors building on the Amazon Ads APIs, and buyers.

Amazon Ads also has to process hundreds of millions of ad requests per second within a latency budget of 120 milliseconds. Amazon Ads has to track tens of billions of campaign items, deliver over 99.9999% availability, and handle peak events like Prime Day.

In addition, the system must enforce advertisers’ budgets in real time and use machine learning models for targeting.

Amazon Ads uses a micro-service architecture and various Amazon services. It’s also worth noting that the ad team moved the infrastructure to GPUs after starting out with CPUs.



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