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Tomorrow Linux 5.16 should be released, the latest and most stable kernel that delivers massive improvements to start 2022 on a strong footing. Linux users and enthusiasts are very excited about this new update and even more looking forward to 5.17, the predecessor of tomorrow’s kernel, which will show some exciting improvements.

AMD, Intel, and Apple get several improvements and optimizations in Linux 5.17

Since most of the Linux community knows what these new updates are like, the new 5.17 tweaks, improvements, and enhancements begin several tests to ensure that the new kernel is a major improvement on Linux 5.16.

The first high-resolution photos showing the GPU GA106-150 of the GeForce RTX 3050 appear online

Phoronix has continued to monitor repositories on Git as well as several Linux mailing lists to find new features for the new Linux 5.17, which is slated for late March 2022. The latest update will not only work on compatibility with the latest AMD and Intel hardware released in the past few months, it will also work on new improvements to the new Arm technology as seen in the Apple M1, network performance optimizations , new inputs and outputs, together with several hardware drivers.

Phoronix has listed some of the most important changes and optimizations that will be included in Linux 5.17. Much of it is also subject to change, no matter how close to publication, or objections from Linus Torvalds.

  • GPU / DRM driver updates: The new update offers initial Intel Raptor Lake-S activation, Alder Lake-P graphics stability, optimization of the VC4 driver to provide 4K resolution at 60 Hz (especially when used in the Raspberry Pi Platform), AMD Seamless Boot for all new hardware, VRR and Adaptive Sync capability for Intel Core Ice Lake graphics of the 11th generation.
  • The New AMD P-State CPU Frequency Scaling Driver: This new driver makes its debut in the company’s Zen2 technology, along with newer systems, to aid in more effective energy efficiency than ACPI CPUFreq, allowing the operating system to scale the processor frequency up or down for power to save. These frequencies can be automatically scaled depending on the current system load, as a reaction to the ACPI events or manual adjustments by user space programs.
  • AMD Smart Trace Buffering Support.
  • Ethernet support for AMD Yellow Carp and Rembrandt APUs.
  • Temperature monitoring for AMD Zen 4 processors.
  • Intel Alder Lake-N audio support.
  • Several improvements to Intel Wi-Fi drivers.
  • P-state updates for Alder Lake mobile processors.
  • Intel PFRUT / Seamless Update Support: This enables system firmware updates that are on the servers to be processed without having to reboot the system. The process essentially provides support from the motherboard for the functionality using ACPI Platform Firmware Runtime Updates or PFRUT.
  • NZXT lighting / fan control and monitoring support through a new driver.
  • EXT4 Get / Set Label ioctl support: This enables online reading and setting of the file system labels using similar ioctls like F2FS / Btrfs / XFS.
  • EXT4 will switch to the latest API mount from Linux.
  • FUSE adds an option for DAX per file.
  • Support of the video acceleration of the Hantro driver VP9: This applies to Rockchip, Allwinner and VeriSilicon System on Chips or SoCs.
  • Improvements to ThinkPad ACPI drivers that force a discharge while preventing a charge.
  • Adjustment support for managing fan curves with compatible ASUS ROG laptops.
  • Optimized support for multiple x86 Android based tablets by using a brand new driver for tablets that experience malfunction during operation.
  • Update support for certain NVIDIA Tegra-based tablets.
  • Optimization of the Xen pvUSB front-end driver.
  • Added support for Apple M1 Silicon.
  • Systems that don’t use systemd will get an additional devtmpfs change to accommodate those who are out of control.
  • NVIDIA Spectrum 4 network ASIC support.
  • Temperature and power management improvements for Intel’s Titan Ridge Thunderbolt controllers.
  • RNG (Random Number Generator) improvements, including the new use of BLAKE2s over SHA1, along with several performance optimizations.
  • Preparations for ARM Scalable Matrix Extensions (SME) and the addition of Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer (KCSAN) support for ARM64.
  • New compiler releases will coincide with the straightforward handling of x86 speculation.
  • CleanCache is removed.
  • Removal of instruction usage for AMD 3DNow! from the kernel.
  • Fixed a bug in the Linux kernel floppy code that caused systems to stall when attempting to read a bad floppy disk.
  • Optimization of the latency for AF_UNIX sockets.
  • Much larger TCP optimization and several new network optimizations.
  • Further optimization of several I / O.

Source: Phoronix

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GM Announces Line of Electric Vehicles Including Silverado EV and Ultium EV Platform – IoT World Today Fri, 07 Jan 2022 22:30:36 +0000 GM’s Ultium EV platform, developed in collaboration with LG, will be the all-electric Cadillac Celstiq. of the company

General Motors presented its upcoming EV series as well as a new battery cell and drive architecture at CES 2022.

GM’s Ultium EV platform, developed in partnership with LG, will underpin the company’s all-electric Cadillac Celstiq. The Celestiq includes both IoT and AI controlled features to compete with Tesla’s high-end electric vehicles. On the one hand, it will be the first use of the automated driver assistance software Ultra Cruise from GM, a successor to GM Super Cruise, andws Tesla added its full self-driving software in ignitions last year.

The artificial intelligence in Ultra Cruise knows how to navigate 2 million miles of roads in North America. He can steer not only on highways, but also on city streets and paved country roads. Officially, it is a level 2 autonomous driving system, which means that human supervision is required. But GM claims it can work hands-free in 95% of driving situations, from start to finish.

It’s an important stepping stone in GM’s autonomy plans. Cruise, the GM-controlled self-driving subsidiary, expects to have personal autonomous vehicles ready by the middle of this decade and has just begun testing its technology on the streets of San Francisco, GM CEO Mary Barra said during the presentation.

GM also mentioned Pure Watercraft, the electric boat maker it sponsored in November.

Celestiq first appeared in media reports last year. From the interior, a 23-inch LED screen is reportedly installed in the front dash, along with smaller monitors in the rear. Thanks to advanced nanoparticles in the roof, passengers can choose different glass transparency settings for the quartile in which they are seated.

GM is also promising a smoother ride on its upcoming EV products. Its new flexible drive system Ultiumdrive has five interchangeable drive units which, according to company representatives, will standardize the EV drive across the front, rear and wheels.

Truck and SUV electric vehicles will also be presented

The mid-priced Silverado EV pickup truck is slated to hit the market next year and will be presented at CES for $ 40,000. Its Ultium battery pack has enough to pull an 8,000 pound payload and charge a second EV via an external cord in case there is a surplus. Future models will tow 20,000 lb. GM’s heads-up display shows important notifications on the windshield, including current speed, speed limits and driver assistance functions. EV models of the Chevrolet Equinox and Chevrolet Blazer were also revealed.

GM also presented Ultifi, the company’s new over-the-air service platform based on the open source Linux operating system. It allows owners to update product firmware with third-party utility functions through GM’s smartphone apps: Cadillac, MyGMC, My Chevrolet, and MyBuick.

GM’s commercial EV subsidiary also had some good news. BrightDrop, the electric utility vehicle supplier founded by GM at the last CES, is extending its contract with FedEx to supply an additional 2,000 electric vehicles over three years, while Walmart bought an additional 5,000.

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BitRouter introduces the ATSC 3.0 software on the CES Android app version Thu, 06 Jan 2022 01:10:17 +0000

LAS VEGAS—BitRouter announced the availability of the Android app version of its ATSC 3.0 software at CES 2022 today.

The ATV app can be ported to any Android device that supports ATSC tuners and a Dolby AC-4 certified system on a chip (SoC), according to the company.