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Beware of exposed Linux ports

Coinmining identified more malware cases than any other family. According to Trend Micro, more than 13 million Linux-based cloud environments have encountered a malware event. The company recently unveiled its 1H Linux Threat Report 2021, which shows that threat actors are paying close attention to Linux users. Although popular society …

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The 8 best Linux distributions for penetration testing

Linux users have a plethora of free operating systems when it comes to penetration testing and digital forensics. The world of ethical hacking has been constantly evolving, which is probably one of the reasons many people are drawn to these areas of auditing. For this purpose, several Linux distributions and …

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Debian 11 Bullseye: news, download, installation

We looked forward to it in September. The latest version of the Debian operating system has just been released. A few days before the Debconf21 conference, here is a summary of what’s new on Debian 11 Bullseye. “After two years, a month and nine days of growth, the Debian community …

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