Elden Ring Steam Deck: How’s it going?

elden ring has emerged as one of the best-selling titles of the century, but how is it doing on the Steam Deck?

The game originally suffered from stuttering and optimization issues on PC, but Valve appears to have implemented fixes for the on-deck version that appear to have been successful.

The fixes were originally announced by Valve programmer Pierre-Loup Griffais back in February and have now been implemented.

Here’s everything you need to know about Elden Ring and how it’s currently playing on the Steam Deck in March 2022.

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Elden Ring steam deck

As mentioned earlier, Pierre-Loup Griffais announced back in February 2022 that there would be changes for the Steam deck version of Elden Ring.

He tweeted: “The graphics team has been working hard to optimize ELDEN RING for Steam Deck. Fixes for severe stuttering while streaming assets in the background will be available in a Proton release next week, but can now be tested in the state-of-the-art branch of Experimental.”

Steam Deck runs on Linux, so OS users will likely have a better experience with the game as well.

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Elden Ring is expected to be released on January 21, 2022.
Elden Ring is expected to be released on January 21, 2022.

Steam Deck x Linux

Griffais spoke to Eurogamer on Wednesday 16th March 2022 about the Linux implementation on the Steam Deck.

He called: “On the Linux/Proton side, we have a fairly extensive shader pre-caching system with multiple tiers of source-level and binary cache representations pre-set and shared among users.

“On Deck, we’re taking this to the next level because we’re targeting a unique GPU/driver combo, and the majority of the shaders that you run locally are actually pre-built on servers in our infrastructure.

“When the game tries to issue a shader compilation via the graphics API of its choice, these are usually skipped since we find the precompiled cache entry on disk.”

So if you are a Steam Deck user then you will probably want a copy of Elden Ring!

At the moment, the deck is the only way to make the game truly portable. Although you could get similar results with a decent gaming laptop, the deck works very well as a portable device, similar to the Nintendo Switch!

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