GNOME 41 Alpha released with many desktop changes

The GNOME Project launches today with its first alpha version of the upcoming GNOME 41 desktop environment.

GNOME 41 will not be released until September, but in addition to the usual translation updates and bug fixes, many changes for GNOME “41.alpha” have already been merged. Some key components like GNOME Shell and Mutter didn’t release their 41 alpha releases in time for official release, but some of the changes that can be found in the official NEWS entry for GNOME 41 Alpha include:

– The Epiphany web browser now uses a smaller address bar font in narrow mode, the address bar dropdown now supports various filters, updated PDF.js, the web process now ends if it is unresponsive for too long, new keyboard shortcuts, and other improvements.

– The Evince Document Viewer has discontinued its browser plugin support.

– The Gedit text editor now enables the OpenLink plug-in, various GTK widget changes and other updates by default.

– GJS has better stability.

– GNOME Boxes now supports audio playback on VNC connections for this virtual machine viewer, along with other improvements.

– The GNOME calculator has revised its user interface.

– The GTK 4.3.1 toolkit contains many bug fixes, support for EGL on X11, and other improvements.

GNOME 41 alpha source downloads and other information about the Mailing list.

The beta version of GNOME 41 is expected to be released around this time next month, the GNOME 41 release candidate in early September, and then officially the release of GNOME 41.0 on September 22nd.

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