Google is aware that Android apps will not load on Chrome OS 96

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Chrome OS is Google’s own operating system based on the Linux kernel. The Mountain View-based company recently changed its update release cycle, with developers planning to release updates every month.

As a result, Chrome OS developers skipped version 95. That being said, the tech giant has recently Chrome OS 96 introduced. The update brings several changes under the hood, new camera features, and support for nearby sharing for all Android apps.

However, shortly after the release, those who upgraded their devices to Chrome OS 96 started reporting that their Android apps were not loading at all.

Users said they tried to clear the data and cache, but a number of apps crashed anyway. This is a really serious problem as the majority of people are using Android apps on Chrome OS for better productivity and other purposes.

Google-Chrome-OS-96-Android-Apps-Not load
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Apps have stopped opening since I installed the latest update. I’ve tried resetting the cache and restarting several times. No apps work, including the Play Store. I just see a circle spinning around where the app is listed at the bottom of the screen. I need to resolve this asap. HELP! YOU’RE WELCOME!

I’ve been using a Lenovo Chromebook Duet as my main laptop for a couple of months now, and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, some Android apps that required a network connection stopped working, they no longer connect to their needed servers. I uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, cleared the cache on the Play Store and Apps and Play Services, I even disabled and re-enabled the Play Store, which didn’t help at all.

As it turns out, Google is already aware of the problem with a community manager who shares that the affected team is aware that Android apps won’t load after the Chrome OS 96 update. However, they did not communicate to ETA when this will be fixed.

Hello Chromebook Community,
Thank you for drawing our attention to the problem that apps cannot be started after updating to M96 stable. Our team is aware of this and we are working quickly to resolve this issue.
If you are currently experiencing this problem, please feel free to give us feedback.
Alisha on behalf of Chrome OS

In addition, a diamond product expert said that Google paused the Chrome OS 96 update after reports that Android apps are not working. As always, we will keep an eye on the matter and update this section as necessary.

Update 1 (December 07)

4:18 p.m. (IST): Some users confirmed (1, 2) that your Google apps will load properly again. Additionally, a product expert on the community forums claims that repeated reboots can also fix the problem.

Apparently “repeated” reboots can fix this. (source)

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