How to enable Windows 11 style menus in Google Chrome

Google added a new Windows 11 style menu to the company’s Canary version of the company’s Chrome web browser this week. The new style corresponds to the style of the Windows 11 operating system menus, especially the rounded corners.

Chrome Canary users can now activate the new style on all versions of Windows. The feature is not available for other operating systems including Linux, Mac, or Chrome OS.

The screenshot below shows the new visual style of Chrome’s right-click menu in the latest version of Chrome Canary. The main difference from the previous menu is that the new menu has rounded corners.

Earlier versions of Chrome showed rectangular menus with no rounded corners. All of the browser’s menus, including the main menu, tab menu, or extension-specific menus, use rounded corners after the change.

Chrome menus in the style of Windows 11

The change is only available in Chrome Canary on Windows at the time of writing. It needs to be enabled as it is not enabled by default. This is how you do it:

  1. Load chrome: // flags / # win11-style-menus into the browser’s address bar.
  2. Use the menu next to the flag to set it to Enabled if you are running Windows 11. If you’re not running Windows 11, set it to Enabled – All Versions of Windows instead.
  3. Restart Google Chrome using the restart button that appears.

Menus have rounded corners after they start. You can undo the change by setting the flag mentioned above to Disabled or Default. Google may turn on the new style by default on Windows 11 in the future, but the company hasn’t confirmed that this will actually be the new default style in Chrome for Windows.

The new Windows 11 Style Menus feature is a cosmetic change in Google Chrome. The Canary version of Microsoft’s Edge web browser already uses rounded corners for its menus by default, even on non-Windows 11 versions of Windows (only tested on Windows 10).

Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 on October 5, 2021.

Now you: What do you think of the menu change? Which style do you prefer? (via Deskmodder / LEOPEVA)


How to enable Windows 11 style menus in Google Chrome

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How to enable Windows 11 style menus in Google Chrome


Learn how to enable Windows 11 style menus in Google Chrome, including on other Windows operating systems such as Windows 10.


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