How to get Android 11 update on Chromebook 2022 tip

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Check how to get Android 11 update on Chromebook

After two years of waiting, we finally have a big update for Chromebooks. Google just skipped the Android 10 update for Chromebooks and now we finally have the Android 11 update. There’s a big change coming with this new Chromebook update, and to some people, this new change might seem like a big update. The update is based on how we run Android apps on Chrome OS. The Android 11 update for Chromebooks brings a VM approach called ARCVM to opening Android apps. This is similar to Linux for PC. Before that we had ARC++ which had a native wrapper. But the SRCVM will have its own Linux kernel. We’ve yet to see how big the difference will be for Chrome OS, but on paper the change looks promising.

You no longer have to strain your eyes; You can easily switch to dark mode and enjoy your screen time even late at night. Chrome OS 89 introduces a new dark mode toggle that dims the lights in Android apps. The update brings with it a better design. Font sizes and the overall UI are also much larger, making them easier to read and edit than before. The company has also changed the approach to running Android apps on Chrome OS. Instead of ARC++, which uses a native wrapper, Android 11 uses a VM approach called ARCVM, which is similar to Linux on Chrome OS.

How to get Android 11 update on Chromebook

  • Open the Quick Settings window in the lower right corner and click “Settings” from the options.
  • When the Settings page opens, go to About Chrome OS, then click Additional Details on the right side panel.
  • Now change the channel to Beta by clicking the Change Channel button.
  • After making the change, return to the About Chrome OS page, then click Check for Updates.
    • Now the Chromebook is running the latest beta version of Chrome OS. Once the update is installed, restart your device. If you are worried about your data, don’t worry as it will not be deleted.
  • After your device restarts, go to the Settings page again and click on Manage Android Settings in the Applications section.
  • Now go to System > About Devices to find the Android version.

Final words: How to get Android 11 update on Chromebook

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