How to install and play Roblox on Chromebook

Roblox’s massive popularity has resulted in millions of gamers on a wide variety of devices keen to get their hands on it.

Roblox is primarily available for Windows PCs and for mobile devices. It’s also available on consoles through Xbox systems.

Roblox’s reach doesn’t end with these platforms, however.

While Roblox doesn’t have a specific version for the Chrome operating system, gamers with a Chromebook have a few tricks to get the game installed on their device.

Roblox: how to install and play on Chromebook

Google play

Image via Google Play Store
Image via Google Play Store

The first way to get Roblox for a Chromebook device is through Google Play. This is the most common way to play Roblox on Android mobile devices and can be done on a Chromebook.

Certain Chromebook models allow access to the Google Play Store, allowing owners to download and install a wide variety of applications typically only found on mobile devices.

On their Chromebook, players will need to click their user photo and then click the settings icon. From there, quickly scroll down to find the Google Play Store label.

If it’s not there, the Chromebook won’t work using this method because it doesn’t have access to Roblox.

If users find it and it’s not enabled, they can click the “Turn On” option and agree to the Google Play Terms of Service. After that, players can open the Chrome browser, search for Roblox in the Google Play Store, and install the game.

Play remotely

Image via google
Image via google

Playing Roblox remotely on a Chromebook is strange work, but it has helped a lot of users. For this method, it is important to have a friend install Roblox on a Mac or PC.

Chromebook devices have a Chrome Remote Desktop app that allows one to connect to other computers running Roblox and take over so they can play it too.

If the computer you’re connected to has both Chrome and Roblox installed, then they can get started with no problem. You’ll need to navigate to the Chrome Remote Desktop page in the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

Players will also need to complete this process on the computer they are connecting to. You can then start the app on both devices and follow the instructions on the screen.

A remote connection should be established so that Roblox can be opened and played.

Roblox on Linux

Image via Linux
Image via Linux

The last method is to play Roblox on Linux. On their Chromebook, players have to install the Linux operating system and run the game through a kind of virtual machine.

The first step is to install Linux and choose a virtual machine to use. Once that’s done, players will need to visit the Roblox website and download the version that is compatible with the virtual machine’s operating system.

Gameplay won’t be as smooth as owning a direct copy of Roblox on a PC or Mac, but it’s a surefire way to play for the hardcore Robloxians who don’t have access to any other device.

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