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Check how to install MX Linux on a PC

Windows and Linux can be installed on the same computer and never interfere with each other. In this one, we will show you how to install MX Linux and run it alongside Windows 10. MX Linux is undoubtedly one of the most popular mid-range Linux operating systems. It is based on the excellent work of the Linux and open source community. It has a simple design that combines an elegant and efficient desktop with easy setup, high stability, solid performance, and medium size.

Most importantly, MX Linux offers a stable operating system with a simple and flexible installation process. It has excellent hardware detection with automatic configuration for most users. The strong open source community supporting MX Linux regularly updates the top applications that run on MX Linux. A user can install MX Linux in several ways such as: B. as a single host, dual host or guest operating system.

How to install MX Linux on a PC

  • Download the MX Linux ISO installer file
    • The first step is to download the MX Linux ISO image. To do this, go to the MX Linux 21 release page and download your favorite MX Linux desktop environment and architecture. The download starts from SourceForge.
    • Once downloaded, create a bootable USB drive from the ISO image using an app like Rufus or UNetBootin.
    • Connect the bootable USB drive to your PC and restart it. Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from a USB installation media by setting the boot priority accordingly.
  • Start installing MX Linux
    • Once your system has booted, select the first option labeled “MX-21 x64 (October 20, 2021)”.
    • This will launch the live install environment and bring up a dialog box with a variety of options to choose from. Since our goal is to install MX Linux, click on the “Install MX Linux” option.
  • Configure the keyboard
    • In the next step, read the terms of service and make sure your keyboard settings match your preferences. To continue to the next step, click the Next button.
  • disk partitioning
    • In the next step, you have two installation modes available. You can install in the normal installation mode or alternatively customize the disk layout.
    • The first option is the easier of the two as it partitions your hard drive automatically, and here we’ll go with the first option.
    • To continue, click Next.
    • A pop-up window will appear asking you to format and use the entire drive. Click Yes.
    • Installation begins when the installer copies all the required packages to your hard drive. This will take a while, so please be patient while the MX Linux installation proceeds.
    • In the progress bar, look for the caption Paused for operator input. This indicates that some additional information is required. At this point, click the “Next” button.
  • Configure Computer Name In this section, enter your computer name and domain (if applicable) and click Next.
  • Configure the system locale, time, and date
    • Be sure to set your location, time zone, and system clock format. Click Next again to continue.
  • Create a regular and a root account
    • In the next section, you will be asked to create two accounts: a normal account and a root account. To create a regular login account, please enter your preferred username and password. Then create a root account by providing a strong password and confirming it.
    • Then click Next to go to the next step.
    • The installer then proceeds to install the rest of the packages, including the GRUB bootloader, and perform any necessary configuration to ensure the system installs correctly.
  • Complete the installation and reboot
    • When the installation is complete, click the “Finish” button. This will restart your system.
    • But before the system reboots, you will be prompted to remove the installation media and press Enter. So, remove your bootable USB drive and press ENTER to reboot your system and start your new MX Linux installation.
  • Login to MX Linux 21
    • From the GRUB menu, choose the first option, MX 21 Wildflower.
    • After the boot process, you will be redirected to the login screen as shown. Enter your username and password and click “Login”.
    • And the beautiful and dazzling MX Linux desktop appears.
    • You can use the neofetch command to query the operating system and system information.
  • This provides information such as operating system type, hardware platform, kernel version, uptime, bash version, and screen resolution, just to name a few parameters.
  • To get started with MX Linux, feel free to update the package lists and update the packages to their latest versions:
    • $ sudo apt update -y && sudo apt update -y

Final Words: How to Install MX Linux on a PC

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