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Check how to switch from Windows to Linux

If you are fed up with Windows 10 or don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, you can install Linux instead. How to switch to an open source operating system and install apps. Microsoft is getting closer to replacing Windows 10 with the fancy Windows 11, but if you’re sick of push notifications, constant updates, collection software crashes, and escalating hardware demands, we don’t blame you. The encouraging news is that you have options. If you’ve been contemplating the jump to an operating system, this moment is your best opportunity. However, it doesn’t stick to the Windows-macOS parallel and doesn’t have to put up with the browser-based Chrome OS. All things being equal, you can go to the Linux universe.

How to switch from Windows to Linux

Install Linux on your PC

The steps to install Linux are almost universal.

  • Download the ISO file.
  • Create a bootable flash drive.
  • Start your PC with the flash drive. You have the option to try the live desktop or follow the instructions to install it on your system.

For the installation, first select the hard drive on which you want to install your new operating system. You can choose a different partition or device if you want to keep Windows intact, or erase the drive your current operating system is on and replace it with Linux. The rest of the options you will find are quite simple and don’t need any explanation. You will be prompted to select your preferred operating system interface and keyboard language, your geographic location (used for geolocation and time synchronization), and set up your primary user account with an alias and password.

Get started with your new desktop

Depending on the Linux distribution you use, you will have different desktop environments. Ubuntu uses Gnome 3 while Linux Mint uses Cinnamon. Check out our user guides for the different desktop environments.

  • gnome 3
  • KDE
  • Cinammon
  • XFCE
  • Dude
  • Pantheon

Configure/customize/make it yours

Although each desktop environment in Linux comes with its own configuration, they are all much more organized and easy to change compared to the way the same options are organized in Windows. In other words, once you understand how to set up Windows 10, customizing your Linux desktop environment is a breeze. Launch the Settings app from your distribution’s main menu and cycle through the categories of options one by one.

  • Choose a topic
  • Change the background image
  • control notifications
  • Choose your favorite applications
  • Sync online accounts
  • Configure sharing
  • Configure your hardware

One app for everything

Much of the software you’ve probably used on Windows is also available for Linux. However, for some of the more prominent business applications like Microsoft Office or members of the Adobe suite, you’ll have to find alternatives. Luckily, most of them are more than up to the task, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Some of the most popular apps for various tasks are.

  • Browsers: Firefox, Chromium, Chrome, Opera
  • Internet/Network: Skype, Pidgin, UFW, Remina
  • Antivirus: You don’t need it
  • Productivity/Office: LibreOffice, qOwnNotes
  • Audio/Video: VLC, Audacity, Kdenlive, Handbrake
  • Graphics/photo editing: GIMP, Darktable, Gwenview, InkScape, PencilSheep

Final words: How to switch from Windows to Linux

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