Images of the discontinued Nokia Senna tablet running MeeGo OS have been leaked online

A Nokia tablet that was at an advanced stage of development but never launched has popped up online. The Nokia tablet, codenamed Senna, dates back to 2011, when the world was waking up to the concept of handheld computing introduced by tablet devices. Apple launched the iPad just a year earlier in 2010, and as the leaked images suggest, the Senna would have been a great alternative in the still-emerging tablet segment back then, too.

Another interesting aspect of the Senna is that it was designed for the MeeGo operating system, an open source Linux-based operating system that was jointly developed by Nokia and Intel. In fact, Nokia had great ambitions with the MeeGo operating system and planned to launch a whole range of devices that would run the operating system. Ultimately, only the N9 smartphone was launched

According to NokiaMob, the MeeGo project was canceled because it was found to be lagging behind when compared to Android. The scrapping of Senna could have been the result of the same development. However, in the images now available, the Senna looks enticing with the look of an enlarged N9 smartphone, what with the rounded sides with contrasting flat edges for the top and bottom.

Another way the Senna could be unique is its ability to record video in 1080p resolution. As Dimitrios Vlachos, who owns live recordings of the tablet, revealed, the device was equipped with ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor U8500 chipset and ran in the Vanilla MeeGo version. That would be in contrast to the N9, which was running the Harmattan version at the time, although strangely enough the Senna has the same user interface and app as the N9.

One of the pictures also shows that the device is still a prototype and has not passed all mandatory tests. As such, it is not intended to be sold or rented anywhere in the world. It is worth noting that Nokia was also working on an e-reader device, although that too was later discontinued.

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