KDE Connect now supports both Windows and Linux and macOS (connect your phone to your PC)

KDE connection is a free tool that allows you to pair a smartphone with a PC to, for example, exchange links and files between devices, view phone notifications on your PC, use your phone as a remote control for presentations, or control media playback on your computer (or use Your PC to control media on your phone) and much more.

Originally developed by the KDE team as a tool for coupling Linux PCs with Android phones, you can now use the software on Linux phones with SailfishOS or others or mobile GNU / Linux distribution that supports the Plasma Mobile user interface. And there are also early builds of KDE Connect for macOS and Windows, which means you can pair your Android or Linux phone with PCs running the most popular desktop operating systems.

KDE Connect Windows 10 system tray icon

KDE Connect must be installed on both your computer and mobile device for it to work. After the installation, however, you can click the Find Devices option to search your home network for other devices with KDE Connect software installed.

After you’ve paired your devices, you may need to enable permissions for certain features in order for them to work on Android phones.

KDE Connect Android app

For example, the app cannot receive files sent from a PC unless you authorize the KDE Connect app to access the storage of your mobile device. The same goes for media controls, notifications, and more.

You can also access the plugin settings to switch permissions for certain functions, e.g. For example, the ability to send a command from your PC to have your phone ring to find a device you can’t find.

KDE Connect for Windows plugin settings

To use KDE Connect on a Windows PC, you need to have the Android, SailfishOS, or Plasma mobile App on your mobile device and then you can:

KDE Connect notification on Windows 10

Find Mac users nightly binaries and building instructions also, but so far there are none officially Version of KDE Connect for macOS so that you are using a pre-release version of the software.

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