KDE Frameworks 5.91 adds root file operations in Dolphin and brings many improvements

The KDE Project today released KDE Frameworks 5.91 as a new monthly update of its open source software suite, which includes a collection of more than 80 add-on libraries for Qt and a wide range of frequently needed functions for the Plasma desktop environment and related apps.

KDE Frameworks 5.91 is here with many interesting and exciting changes, starting with an important new feature for the Dolphin file manager and other KDE apps that use the KIO library. That is PolKit Support in KIO finally allowing root file operations in Dolphin.

“This allows Dolphin and other KDE apps using the KIO library to create, move, copy, trash and delete files in non-user locations! It took a long time, but we finally made it,” said KDE developer Nate Graham.

Additionally, the KIO library has been enhanced in this release to support non-file based URLs registered for apps such as tg:// for Telegram links mailto:// for email addresses if the apps advertise that they accept URLs. Also, Dolphin now starts faster when multiple ISO images are mounted or Snap apps are installed.

KDE Frameworks 5.91 also allows changing the user or group of a file or folder on the desktop, as well as downloading “Get New” items with dependencies. Touchscreen support has also been improved for mobile users, as this version improves plasma checkboxes and tab bars to be responsive again when tapped.

For QtQuick based apps, KDE Frameworks 5.91 updates the menus to have the same size and look as the menus in QtWidgets apps, updates the sliders to be editable by scrolling over them, updates the combo boxes and their popups so that completely fit the text of long items in the menus, updates the Breeze menu items to be larger and more tappable when using tablet mode, and updates the code so they load and run faster.

Another interesting change for tablet mode users, which will also land in the upcoming release of the desktop environment KDE Plasma 5.25, prevents the virtual keyboard from appearing quickly and obscuring an application immediately after launch, since the search fields of various KDE Apps and Plasma applets no longer focused by default when switching to tablet mode.

For Kate, KDevelop, and other KTextEditor-based apps, KDE Frameworks 5.91 adds the ability to automatically detect the whitespace style of opened files, update their search boxes to include a small magnifying glass that appears when you focus the search box and disappears when it’s out of focus Loses focus and improves the Toggle Comment feature to work properly when the commented line has inline comments about it.

There’s also good news for Plasma Wayland session users, as KDE Frameworks 5.91 improves opening and closing the Widget Explorer sidebar so your windows don’t rearrange anymore, and improves the Help Center so that it doesn’t More random crashes when hovering or hovering over links.

Among other notable changes, KDE Frameworks 5.91 fixes various bugs to prevent KWin’s keyboard shortcuts from breaking after restarting KWin, improves support for snap apps so that they no longer appear as mounted volumes in Places panels, and prevents the KDE Plasma logo Breeze icon from partially disappearing when using larger sizes with a dark color scheme, as well as to fix glitches in various Breeze folder and mimetype icons.

Some small visual changes are also present to make your KDE Plasma desktop experience more enjoyable. For example, the Yakuake tray icon is now monochrome, the bottom navigation bars now use the new selection style, KHamburgerMenu menus now have a simpler design for the bottom items with a new “More” item at the very bottom of the list to show you all other menu items and relative dates are not displayed more accurately in different KDE apps that support them.

In terms of performance improvements, KDE Frameworks 5.91 slightly reduces CPU and RAM usage for all KDE apps when getting icons, system settings pages with “Get new” button now use less RAM and changing default keyboard shortcuts on Shortcuts page The system settings now take effect immediately without having to restart your system.

Last but not least, there is better support for custom icons that use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images, referenced by their path rather than their name, to display correctly in folders and apps on the desktop. Of course, this new version of KDE Frameworks includes hundreds of other minor changes, so be sure to check them out Release announcement page if you want to know what exactly has been fixed, removed, added or improved.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution’s stable software repositories for the new packages and update them as they become available, especially if you’re using the latest one KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS desktop environment.

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