KDE Frameworks 5.92 improves Dolphin and KRunner, closes memory leaks and fixes bugs

The KDE Project today announced the general availability of KDE Frameworks 5.92 as a monthly update for March 2022, this open-source collection of more than 80 add-on libraries for Qt that provide common functionality for the Plasma desktop and related apps .

KDE Frameworks 5.92 is here to further improve your favorite file manager, dolphinby fixing bugs that caused crashes when dragging files or folders over the top of the Places pane and when closing the Create New File file dialog in a remote location.

Regarding the Places panel, you can now drag a file or folder over an item in the Places panel to open the corresponding place in the main view. Also, if the item in the Places panel is an unmounted disk, it will be automatically mounted when you drag a file or folder over it.

KRunner, on the other hand, got a few new web searches and is now able to convert teaspoons and tablespoons to and from each other, as well as to other units.

The Spectacle screenshot utility has also been improved in KDE Frameworks 5.92 and now actually installs the popular one OBS studio Screen recording and streaming software if you use the “Install” function under Tools > Screen Record > OBS Studio.

Among other notable changes, it is now possible to launch DBus-enabled GTK3 apps in the Plasma Wayland session, errors in the open/save dialogs are now displayed inline, and there is a new “Find Action” context menu item in the Help menu from any KDE app to improve discoverability of KCommandBar.

For QtQuick-based apps, KDE Frameworks 5.92 improves scrollable views with text to avoid visual glitches when the view is scrolled very slowly (pixel by pixel), adds the ability to apply font changes instantly, and fixes a performance issue so they consume slightly less CPU resources.

For Kirigami apps, this release improves the rightmost scroll bars for apps that use side drawers and bolds the Kirigami FormLayout section headings to visually differentiate them from the content in their sections.

For Kate, KDevelop and other KTextEditor based apps, KDE Frameworks 5.92 improves the way they distinguish files with the same filename opened in tabs.

Apart from that, this release fixes some memory leaks in KDE apps using the Solid framework and when canceling in-process move or copy operations. A bug that caused the plasma desktop to crash when copying certain text to the clipboard has also been fixed.

Also added in KDE Frameworks 5.92 is the ability to open a requested Info Center page in a separate window when you click a button in taskbar applets when Info Center is not installed. For more details on the changes in this new KDE framework update, see the Release Notes.

In the meantime, if you use the latest KDE Plasma desktop environmentIt is highly recommended that you update your installations to the 5.92.0 packages of KDE Frameworks as soon as they arrive in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

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