KDE launches in February with more bug fixes and 30-bit color support for Plasma on X11

KDE continues to see many Wayland fixes, as well as general crash fixes and fixes for other glitches with this popular desktop environment.

KDE developer Nate Graham has published his first weekly KDE development report for February. KDE advancements made in this first week of February include:

– KDE’s Discover UI will be redesigned.

– Fixed “15 Minute Bugs” initiative for Plasma, Discover, and “many other apps” that “sometimes always crashed” when user feedback sharing was enabled. Another fixed bug on this front was that Discover would sometimes randomly freeze when looking at an app’s details.

– Gwenview restores support for opening RAW files.

– The Dolphin file manager no longer crashes if an archive job is canceled mid-way when launched from the Dolphin context menu.

– When browsing an FTP server in Dolphin, opening files now opens in the correct application and not always in the web browser.

– The Kate text editor no longer flashes when pressing Ctrl + S in the Plasma Wayland session.

– With KDE Plasma Wayland, drag-and-drop to XWayland apps no longer sometimes causes them to stop accepting clicks until the next system reboot.

– Discover no longer crashes when installing or uninstalling more than one Flatpak app at a time.

– Support for 30-bit color in Plasma X11 session, starting with Plasma 5.24.

– KWin’s keyboard shortcuts no longer sometimes break when KWin is restarted.

– Apps based on Qt Quick should generally load and run slightly faster with KDE Frameworks 5.91+.

– Discover can no longer be used to uninstall itself.

For more details on this week’s KDE progress, see Nate’s blog.

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