KDE starts December with numerous fixes and other desktop improvements

There were many fixes for the KDE desktop components this week along with some UI tweaks and other changes.

This week, KDE developer Nate Graham requested that KDE default to simplicity in order to appeal to new users. He also wanted to remove more “annoying bugs” and paper cuts for the KDE desktop. As of this week’s development efforts, additional KDE bugs have been fixed.

Some of the KDE bugs fixed this week according to Graham’s weekly development summary include:

– The morphing popup effects now work under the Plasma Wayland session with KDE Frameworks 5.89, which benefits panel tooltips and the like.

– Improved finding of KDE apps such as KWrite / Kate, which now appear when searching for “Editor” or “Notepad” or “Programming”, while the Dolphin file manager is now among other things when searching for “files” or “file manager” is shown.

– Plasma 5.23.5 will be faster when logging in to load panels and less visually disruptive when loading panels.

– Discover no longer crashes when opening a description page for a Flatpak app that has just been uninstalled. Discover now also checks for Flatpak app updates faster.

– Plasma 5.24, when adjusting the screen brightness on a multi-GPU system, ensures that it is actually working properly.

– Plasma System Monitor and its widget no longer display potentially negative numbers for hard drive read speed.

– The Ark archiver can now handle zip archives that contain corrupt PHP files.

– Support for drag and drop of music and playlist files from Dolphin file manager into playlist window of Elisa music player.

More details on this week’s KDE fixes and other changes can be found at this blog post by Nate Graham.

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