Lilbits: Steam Deck, Apple’s AR headset, a Linux-friendly video capture card, and more

Valve has confirmed that its handheld gaming PC, Steam Deck, will begin shipping in February after a brief delay. And Apple may be facing a slightly longer setback for virtual reality/augmented reality glasses, which it says have been in development since 2015: Originally slated for this year, they may not be ready until 2023.

In other tech news, Google is rolling out a much-anticipated (and much-needed) update for Pixel 6 phones that should bring a slew of bug fixes, Google Voice is becoming less and less useful over time, and Humble Choice game subscription membership is imminent Remove support for Linux and Mac games from the archives.

Here’s a roundup of the latest tech news from around the web.

Steam Deck is scheduled to ship in February [Valve]

After announcing late last year that shipping would be delayed until February 2022, Valve has now confirmed that the Steam Deck handheld gaming PC is still on track to begin shipping to pre-order customers in February to have. By the way, with this week’s launch of the ONEXPLAYER Mini, I’ve updated Liliputing’s comparison of specs for current generation handheld gaming PCs. However, if this continues, I will run out of space in this comparison table, so I may have to find a better way to present this information.

Apple’s new VR/AR headset risks a delay to 2023 [Bloomberg]

Apple could delay the launch of its mixed reality headset instead of unveiling it at WWDC in June. Overheating, camera and software issues can be to blame. At this price, it may not be available until 2023.

Slimbook 4K Linux-friendly video capture card mini review [It’s FOSS]

The Slimbook 4K capture card is a Linux-friendly video capture device with a USB-C port, HDMI input and output, and support for 4K/30Hz or 1080p/120Hz recording. Available for 99 euros at Slimbook.

How Google patched Android (twice) in response to the Sonos patent dispute [Esper]

While Google has disabled the ability to control the volume of Cast-enabled speakers using your phone’s volume buttons in response to a Sonos lawsuit, it is possible for users to restore it with a custom RRO… but you need a rooted phone.

Older Google Voice users face a difficult transition [Android Police]

Google Voice may not be dead yet… but Google is slowly phasing out features. Starting next month, the old website will be shut down and take away some functionality.

Google begins rolling out January update for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro [9to5Google]

Google is releasing the January update for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones with a a lot of bug fixes (after the Introduction of numerous errors in the last update).

The humble subscription service is ending Mac and Linux access in February [Ars Technica]

Humble Bundle revised its $12/month Humble choice treat to make it easier. But starting February, some features will also require the use of a Windows-only Humble app, and Mac and Linux versions of DRM-free Humble Trove games will be retired on January 31 (so download while you can).

Eero could be on the verge of launching a Wi-Fi 6E mesh network system [Engadget]

eero 6+ and eero 6E mesh WiFi routers appear on the FCC website. It’s unclear how the Plus model will differ from the current eero 6 and 6 Pro, but the 6E will most likely support WiFi 6E.

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