Linux kernel loses IDE support, but driver-dominated 5.14 rc1 continues to grow • The Register

Linus Torvalds has published the first release candidate for version 5.14 of the Linux kernel.

Torvalds’ comments on the new release begin with his hope that this release cycle will go smoothly, along with an observation that the size of a release does not correlate with whether the process is calm.

Then he encouraged developers to ignore “another set of large AMD GPU hardware description header files” contained in this kernel slice.

“We seem to have these pretty regularly,” he wrote, “and it’s always these huge generated headers that end up dwarfing everything else. Almost exactly half of the entire 5.14-rc1 patch consists of these GPU headers and greatly distorts the statistics. “

This version is dominated by drivers, he added, which goes without saying.

Torvalds called the removal of IDE support in this part of the kernel “a little less common”. Even removing the “tens of thousands of lines of legacy code” associated with IDE support did not stop the kernel’s growth, measured by the number of lines of code it contained.

However, removing the IDE eliminated the need for many 40-pin ribbon cables. Those still connected to storage technology using these cables have been warned about the demise of the IDE in the kernel for about two years.

Notable planned inclusions in Linux 5.14 include support for the Rust programming language, mainline support for the Raspberry Pi 400, code from Microsoft that improves the performance of Linux guests under Hyper-V, and work on NVMeTCP that has been proven too drastically lower CPU utilization with Xeon and EPYC processors. ®

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