Mac and Linux support for Humble Choice’s subscription service is ending soon | Windows-only launcher

Humble Choice will be moving away from Linux and Mac support. The subscription price starts at $12 per month, which gives subscribers access to gaming gifts.

This also gives people access to Humble Trove, Humble Games Collection and newer games.

Humble Bundle Periodically offered game bundles where profits are split between charities and developers

After the story of PC gamer, Humble Bundle is known as a digital storefront since 2010 and also regularly offers bundles with games. These usually come with promises of profit shared between charities and developers.

Valve has made some strides in Linux support over the past few years. Previously, Humble had insisted that games in the company’s package should have both Linux and Mac support.

Linux gaming exists in a rather ‘strange place’

Linux gaming is in a rather strange situation at the time of writing. This is because developers consider the commercial value of Linux to be somewhat minimal. This is Valve’s strategy with Proton, a compatible layer that allows Windows to run on Linux operating systems and alleviate problems for individual developers.

Humble is currently moving away from Mac and Linux with its own flagship subscription service called Humble Choice. Additionally, the new offering comes with a brand new requirement for a Humble Launcher app that will be exclusive to Windows.

Humble Trove no longer has Mac and Linux versions

Humble Trove will reportedly stop having Mac and Linux versions of the DRM-free games starting February 11, the company said.

Humble Choice subscribers can still download it to keep for their personal collection until January 31st. Windows PC versions of many games will continue to be made available for download through the upcoming Humble app.

The games will be downloadable along with the upcoming Humble Games Collection. However, according to a report by , there is still some confusion about what exactly Humble is doing and what that means for the future of the company’s native operating system support slash.

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Humble subscribers have until February 1st to download Mac and Linux supported games

According to PCMag’s article, this is not helped by the fact that the change was announced very quickly with no official announcement other than the email sent to subscribers.

The reason for the decision is unclear at press time. It’s also unclear how far-reaching the impact will be, considering the company is a large digital retailer.

Modest subscribers who want to keep the Mac or Linux versions of all games only have until February 1 to download them. After this period, they will no longer be available on the official Humble website.

The Humble Trove library currently consists of 79 different games, but Humble’s now-promising “50+” games at launch are also gaining a lot of attention.

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