Microsoft Update Catalog downloads now use HTTPS

Microsoft’s Update Catalog website is a popular destination for downloading the company’s Windows updates. Although many third-party options are available, the Update Catalog website only requires a browser to download updates for Windows.

One problem that users could encounter so far was that they could no longer download updates in their browsers since Microsoft only provided downloads via HTTP links. Many browsers restrict access to HTTP sites and resources. Some allow users to bypass access restrictions, others block access to HTTP resources directly.

Even Microsoft’s own web browser, Edge, has recently started blocking downloads from the company’s Update Catalog website due to its use of HTTP. Windows admins and users had to use different web browsers or tools to download from Microsoft’s official update repository.

Now when you visit the Microsoft Update Catalog website, you will no longer encounter problems accessing resources because Microsoft Downloads has switched to HTTPS on their website. Files and resources provided over HTTP can be tampered with because they are not encrypted. Windows updates, on the other hand, are digitally signed and protected from these tampering.

The company also changed the link structure from to Interested users can check the download links using the web browser’s built-in developer tools.

The link structure of the main updates page remains, only the download links of the individual updates have been changed using the new link structure. Direct links posted on the web should redirect automatically, but if that’s not the case, only the first part of the link address needs to be edited to make it work again.


Old link:

New link:

Just replace http:// with https://catalog.s. and the download link should work again.

The change improves the accessibility of the Microsoft Update Catalog website as users should no longer encounter secure connection warnings when attempting to download updates directly from the resource.

Now you: Do you download updates manually from the update catalog? (via Deskmodder and Born)


Microsoft Update Catalog downloads now use HTTPS

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Microsoft Update Catalog downloads now use HTTPS


Microsoft’s Update Catalog website now provides downloads over HTTPS instead of HTTP for better accessibility.


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