Nest Hub Max could be using fuchsia soon when testing begins

The Nest Hub Max may soon switch to Fuchsia – Google’s in-house operating system – if internal testing intensifies.

Earlier this year, Google took the bold move to remove existing Nest Hub smart displays 1. This was the operating system’s official debut, though it came largely without fanfare, if only to prove that Fuchsia was running Linux on some devices the hood without most people noticing. It didn’t get off to a smooth start, but Google finally got things under control for Nest Hub owners.

Before this debut, we reported that Google had started testing Fuchsia on the Nest Hub with “Dogfood”. The term “dog food” comes from the phrase “eat your own dog food” which essentially means “proving to your customers that your product is good by using it yourself”. At Google, dogfood is usually the final step in internal testing of a product before the public gets their hands on it.

Before dog food there are two further test phases, team food and fish food, both of which include tests with smaller groups of Google employees. Dogfood, on the other hand, is usually a much larger test that involves Google employees who are not involved in developing a particular project.

According to a comment on a change to the Fuchsia code, Google has begun testing the Fuchsia operating system on the Nest Hub Max, codenamed “Sherlock”. Google has confirmed it too 9to5Google that this test has actually started.

This cherry pick for f6 has to be done before ~ ​​Sunday 19.12. otherwise we will miss the required PatternCheckFailed instances of Sherlock f6 Dogfood from Monday, December 20th. up to 1/3.

To briefly explain what we’re seeing here, an issue was discovered in the latest milestone version of Fuchsia – version 6 or “f6” – which appears to be preventing Nest Hub Max devices with the new operating system from reporting other possible problems with the smart displays during the Google vacation. Here a Google employee tried to find a solution and roll it out to devices before this interruption.

The important part here is that the dogfood tests have started, which means that Nest Hub Max may soon be upgraded to Fuchsia, making it the second retail device to have the operating system. This is not surprising as the Fuchsia team has worked on and with the Nest Hub Max since it arrived.

As of now, there is no telling how long it will take for Nest Hub Max retail devices to be upgraded to fuchsia, if at all. If things follow the pattern of the original Nest Hub, Fuchsia will be made available first to those in the preview program in the Google Home app.

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