Nokia is to pay back more than one million euros in research funding

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Nokia is to pay back more than one million euros in research funding

Berlin (dpa) – The mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is due to the repayment of its plant in Bochum research funds in the amount of more than one million euros to repay the federal government. A spokesman for the Ministry of Research in Berlin confirmed on Saturday a corresponding preliminary report of “WirtschaftsWoche”. According to the report, the claim amounts to 1.3 million euros plus interest. The money was used to fund a research project called “Details”, the results of which should be implemented in Germany. This would not be possible after the closure of the Bochum plant, criticized the ministry. Nokia has one month to challenge the decision.

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The Nokia plant in Bochum with 2300 employees was closed on June 30, production was relocated to Romania. The North Rhine-Westphalian state government had long demanded from the mobile phone manufacturer, the repayment of 60 million euros in subsidies. A few weeks ago this dispute was settled with the agreement on a financial package to strengthen the region. A social plan for employees of the Bochum plant costs Nokia also 200 million euros. An amount of more than 1.3 million euros does not hurt the world market leader from Finland particularly: Alone in the second quarter, Nokia earned just over 1.1 billion euros. This included charges of 259 million euros in connection with the Bochum plant already included.