NUHS uses NVIDIA’s AI system for real-time data streaming

The National University Health System in Singapore built its AI production platform based on NVIDIA’s universal system for AI infrastructure.

According to a press release, the NVIDIA DGX A100 runs at the core of the hospital company’s Endeavor AI platform to provide real-time predictions of diagnosis, disease progression, resumption, risk of falls and more. It runs on five PetaFLOPS (five quadrillion floating point operations per second) of AI power, which makes it possible to handle different AI workloads on a single platform.

The system will also be integrated with NUHS ‘Discovery AI training platform to form a complete training and inference system.


Dr. Ngiam Kee Yuan, group chief technology officer at NUHS, said they need NVIDIA GPUs for high-speed, large-volume inference processing. They would run out of computing speed immediately if they only rely on CPUs, he said.

NVIDIA’s technology also enables the AI ​​tools in the Endeavor AI system to run quickly in the background to ingest data on a daily basis. “We’re building a platform that allows multiple projects to run … Without the GPU, we can’t do a lot of these things,” said Dr. Ngiam. The Endeavor AI streams data and runs microservices that process all streaming data and generate outputs in real time. It has the capacity to handle up to 150 projects, including those that involve structured medical data and text-based medical data to generate chatbots.

NVIDIA, which powers Endeavor AI, has improved patient interactions with AI-powered chatbots, especially when making appointments. improved accuracy and speed of image, x-ray and scan processing for radiologists; and automated “no-button” predictions while alerting doctors to patients at risk. “These are tangible realities and results that we expected when Endeavor AI went live,” said Dr. Ngiam.


In a recent interview with Healthcare IT News, Dr. Ngiam, chief advisor at the NUHS Center for Innovation in Healthcare, said they want to deploy and scale AI tools over the next few years that are currently being explored in clinical practice. After launching Discovery AI earlier, the NUHS launched its Endeavor AI platform.

Recently, the NUHS deployed four applications from a California corporate data company TIBCO software – BusinessWorks, Streaming, Messaging, and Spotfire – to help integrate real-time medical data from EMR systems.

Talk about personalized information, advised Dr. Ngiam during a keynote session at the HIMSS21 APAC Conference that all information comes together and does not just have to be stored in silos that do not interact with each other.


“Nowadays there are many demands on healthcare and we are doing a digital transformation across the cluster. The use of AI is at the center of our digital transformation. Advances in healthcare require huge computing resources, and the NVIDIA DGX A100 provides easy access to the performance needed to help a world-class hospital, “said Dr. Ngiam.

“NVIDIA DGX A100 enables NUHS to consolidate training, inference and analysis into a unified AI infrastructure. It will provide the computing power to help the hospital group achieve operational and scientific healthcare breakthroughs that will benefit clinicians and patients in Singapore, ”said Dennis Ang, director of enterprise business for the Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand regions at NVIDIA .

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