Plex Desktop Player is now available for Linux

Plex is a popular streaming player that can be used as media server software.

In fact, it is also one of the best media server software for linux.

Yes, the media server already existed for Linux and we had one too Tutorial with the installation steps.

And now the desktop player (app) is finally here for Linux.

Plex Desktop Player on Linux as Snap

I realize that many of you may not like the preference for the snap package to install the desktop player. But as of now, the desktop player is available on the Snap Store for you to easily install on any Linux distribution of your choice.

Luckily she is Notice for the desktop player it also mentions that they have one Flatpak package work in progress that should be available on Flathub in the near future.

So with a Flatpak and Snap package, Plex can be a fantastic choice for streaming and organizing your personal media collection on Linux.

In addition to the desktop app, Plex HTPC is also available (with a planned Flatpak) if you’re using your Linux computer connected to a big screen to watch all content.

In case you are curious, HTPC is the successor of PMP TV (Plex Media Player TV) mode.

They announced it along with Linux support for the desktop app.

With HTPC, the desktop app would be shared by the TV with support for advanced features like audio pass-through, refresh rate switching, controller support, and configurable input mappings.

So if you have a big screen and want to connect your system (regardless of the desktop platform), you can do it with the HTPC app.

What is your favorite thing to use when streaming content on your Linux system or a connected TV? Is Plex Good Enough? Now that it supports Linux, do you think you’d want to switch if you’re using something else?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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