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Raspberry Pi IoT In C – The Linux GPIO driver

The GPIO drawing device

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If you are familiar with sysfs, you may have overlooked that the sysfs approach to GPIO is out of date – so how should you do it? This is an excerpt from the newly published Raspberry Pi IoT in C, Second Edition.

Raspberry Pi and the IoT in C Second Edition

From Harry Fairhead

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  1. Why Pi for IoT?

  2. Started

  3. First steps with the GPIO

  4. Simple edition

  5. Some electronics

  6. Simple input

  7. Pulse Width Modulation – Servos and More

  8. Using the I2C bus

  9. The DHT22 sensor implements a custom protocol

  10. Introduction to the basics of 1-Wire buses

  11. Using iButtons

  12. DS18B20 temperature sensor

  13. The Multidrop 1-Wire Bus

  14. Getting started with the SPI bus

  15. A to D with the SPI bus

  16. Connection to the web sockets

  17. Memory mapped GPIO

  18. Almost real-time Linux

  19. Appendix I GPIO Sysfs interface