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Salesforce has unveiled a series of updates to its Customer 360 platform that promise tight integration with external data sources like Google ads, ecommerce marketplaces, and social media.

Using the Salesforce Customer Data Platform, the update aims to enable customers to use their internal data to create a customer profile to create marketing campaigns on Google Ads.

The CRM giant argues that merging the data stored on its system with Google Ads will help customers personalize marketing campaigns with first-party data instead of cookies and integrate more detailed analytics at the customer data platform interface in the future. The feature will be available in a few months, the company said.

As readers will recall, Google expects to kill all third-party cookies on its Chrome browser by “the end of 2023”. The web giant’s browser dominates the market with a whopping performance 66 percent share by desktop users.

Meanwhile, Salesforce is launching its Intelligence Ecommerce Marketing Insights app, designed to bring commerce, marketing data, and ecommerce KPIs together on a single platform that supports interactive dashboards. It is expected to be generally available in October 2022.

Intelligence Connector for B2C Commerce Cloud is hitting the road today, promising to combine orders and product data and “gain insights into product, revenue and sales performance over time,” according to the vendor. Marketers get a live feed on orders placed during a promotion or the top 3 products ordered by different customer demographics.

The provider also promises that its social integration tool will allow businesses to create and automate product feeds, segment audiences, and publish ads while finding and targeting new audiences, such as on TikTok or other platforms.

And in a move that will delight or horrify some Registration number Readers, Salesforce also announced support for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The NFT Cloud pilot will allow companies to brand, mint, manage and sell the controversial web tokens.

Hiring in a “more measured way”

The announcements come amid solid financial results from the application and platform provider, while other SaaS providers are struggling to meet market financial expectations.

Speaking at a Bank of America conference this week, CFO Amy Weaver said the company was still hiring despite the economic uncertainty to support its growth, albeit “more moderately.”

“Salesforce added 20,000 new employees in the last 12 months and 4,000 in the first quarter alone. Looking ahead, we’re still hiring. We have many vacancies that you will see [we are] Ask our teams to really prioritize. You’ll see that we’re hiring more moderately this year.

“We’ve asked each team to really increase their budgets, look at headcount and make sure they have really strict priorities to ensure that every employee we bring in is absolutely aligned with our goal of customer success and our excellence is strategic initiatives.” ®

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