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Samsung will use CES 2022 to unveil a new line of 8K MiniLED, 4K OLED and 4K MiniLED TVs that will be available in Australian stores through April 2022. The range depends on panels from arch-rival LG Electronics.

The range will consist of models that use LG OLED panels, while the premium range will consist of 8K MiniLED TVs that will carry the Neo QLED brand.

Samsung’s MicroLED TVs, along with LG’s OLED TVs, are still considered to be the best TVs on the market today.

Sharp and TCL televisions follow.

Hisense, which is still trying to clean up a $ 3.7 million scandal at its local subsidiary, is facing new engine problems as the Chinese company’s proprietary Hi-View Engine Pro struggles to watch smart TV processes administer. LG’s Web OS and Google’s Android and Google TV don’t have the same problems.

Samsung Electronics’ Tizen Smart Operating System (OS) is an open source Linux-based web operating system that is open to all and supports a range of devices including televisions, mobile devices, home appliances, and even signage, unlike Hisense, that it offers is viewed as very stable.

In the 4K market, Samsung will sell 3840 × 2140 OLED TVs, which represent the South Korean’s second-tier premium TV offering.

According to South Korean sources, these televisions will be equipped with QD (Quantum Dot) OLED from Samsung Display and W (white) OLED from LG Display.

LG Display’s W-OLED can reach 8K resolution, but Samsung is only considering supporting this technology up to 4K resolution for its OLED TV offering.

Because Samsung wants to position its Neo QLED brand as a premium TV range.

The third row will consist of 4K Neo QLED TVs that use MiniLED technology.

Samsung plans to sell 3 million 8K and 8K Neo QLED televisions.

Insiders say the company plans to sell 500,000 4K OLED TVs that use a Samsung Display QD OLED panel.

They also plan to sell 1.5 million 4K OLED TVs that use an LG Display Q-OLED panel.

According to ELAC, Samsung is currently in talks with LG Display to procure 2 million W-OLED panels in the next 12 months.

Samsung currently plans to only purchase W-OLED panels from LG Display for production in 2022 and 2023.

From 2024, the company plans to only use QD OLED panels from Samsung Display.

That could change if Samsung OLED TVs prove popular and the business needs more OLED panels.

Samsung is expected to ship mid-million units of Neo QLED TVs this year, lower than analyst firm TrendForce’s forecast of over 2 million units in September.

Samsung also plans to source 4 million units of LCD panels from LG Display next year, which is five times the amount it bought from the panel maker this year.

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