Siemens NVH system prediction capabilities

Siemens Digital Industries Software introduced System NVH Prediction, a new Simcenter software application that takes the advantages of a comprehensive digital twin approach to predicting the internal and external noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance of a vehicle before a physical prototype for any vehicle is available: hybrid, fully electric or internal combustion engine (ICE). This new one Simcenter Application helps engineers pre-load full vehicle NVH analysis and identify potential component NVH performance issues earlier by using measured and simulated component models to create a virtual prototype assembly. Simcenter is part of Xcelerator, the integrated software, service and application development portfolio from Siemens.

NVH engineers need to perform the in-depth analysis necessary to optimize performance. Electrification means that the drivetrains of today (and tomorrow) are much quieter than internal combustion engines, so they don’t mask sources of noise such as tires or ancillaries such as HVAC systems and windshield wipers. The need for larger numbers of variants makes it impossible to build physical prototypes for each variant within a reasonable time and budget.

Simcenter uses a systems approach to enable multiple vehicle variants to be created quickly. System-level component models based on test and simulation data are created by NVH experts and published in a library. These use the latest technology, such as component-based transfer path analysis enables engineers to characterize the NVH sources regardless of the final receiver and ensure that they are validated, scalable and reliable.

These validated components can then be quickly assembled into a new variant by non-NVH experts and the performance evaluation can begin, reducing set-up times to a few minutes. This systems-based approach enables the rapid reuse of available data and expertise by a much broader user community within an organization. By allowing non-experts to conduct predictive performance studies, it makes it easier to conduct NVH performance assessments at all stages of vehicle development.

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