Steam Deck: Everything You Need to Know About Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC

Valve recently launched the Steam Deck, introducing it to the handheld gaming business. The Nintendo Switch rival is coming later this year and can play any game in a user’s Steam library. In fact, the device can do more than just play, which makes it a portable PC.

Features include the ability to connect it to a monitor or television, install apps, including other game stores, on it, and much more. It also runs on a new version of SteamOS, the company’s Linux-based operating system. Here’s everything you need to know about the new console.

Steam Deck: Another type of gaming PC

The Steam Deck is powered by an AMD APU powered by the company’s Zen 2 architecture and RDNA 2 graphics. The Zen-2 architecture used in the AMD 3000 series processors comes with four cores and eight threads. Meanwhile, the RDNA 2 GPU is capable of handling 720p games.

There is also 16 GB of RAM, a 7-inch LCD touchscreen with 1200 × 800 resolution, a USB-C connection, stereo speakers, a 3.5 mm connection, two microphones and a 40 Wh battery. The Steam Deck will also have a dock, but unlike the Nintendo Switch, it will be sold separately.

The Steam Deck comes with analog joysticks, directional buttons and triggers on each side, as well as two touchpads, one on each end, so users can play games at their choice of controls.

Steam Deck: Features:

The Steam Deck can run all of your Steam games as well as games from other game stores if you install this software first. Although optimized primarily for Steam games, it is currently unknown how well non-Steam games run on computer. Also reportedly, users can completely remove SteamOS from the deck and install Windows on it instead, making the Steam Deck a full-fledged portable PC.

Steam Deck: Prizes

The Steam Deck starts at $ 399 (Rs 29,700) for the 64GB version, $ 529 (Rs 39,400) for the 256GB version, and $ 649 (Rs 48,400) for the 512GB -Version. The 256GB and 512GB versions of the Steam Deck have NVMe SSD storage, while the 64GB version comes with eMMC storage. With all variants, however, you can increase the storage space using a microSD card.

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