SUSE and Rancher Labs enable faster digital transformation in SA

The acquisition of Rancher Labs by open source innovation leader SUSE last year is intended to help local organizations overcome many of the challenges on their digital transformation journey.

According to Jaime Naidoo, Business Development Manager at the leading IT infrastructure and software distributor Axiz, a SUSE partner in Africa.

He said, “As the leading IT infrastructure and software distributor in Africa, Axiz has built strong relationships over the years with vendors such as SUSE and resellers to provide and sell end-to-end business solutions for our local businesses. “Need markets in Africa.”

Naidoo said SUSE is a proven open source innovator: “The company has a 28-year history operating business-critical applications and systems and is embedded in many devices around the world, including vehicles and medical devices. Rancher is equally committed to the open source community. The two companies use each other’s expertise in edge computing and develop solutions that enable innovation and agility in today’s complex business environments. “

Naidoo said, “The acquisition of Rancher has brought together a world-class Linux operating system and a market-leading Kubernetes management platform that gives customers powerful and modular tools for innovation and transformation. Together, SUSE and Rancher offer enterprise users the best of open source innovation and stability. “

Naidoo said SUSE and Rancher are addressing a key challenge in digital transformation: “To make a data center or cloud agile, organizations cannot rely on a single heavy vertical stack. Open source software such as Rancher and SUSE evolve with enterprise customers as they move beyond software-defined data centers and leverage edge and cloud computing to deliver new hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities and application delivery innovations that customers can leverage to be able to transform digital infrastructures as quickly as necessary. “

Jaco Isaaks, Pre-Sales Engineer at Axiz, added: “SUSE is designed for mainframes, servers, workstations and desktop computers and includes solutions such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED). They also offer SLES for POWER, SLES for ARM, SLES for SAP as well as high availability and more. SUSE has worked very closely with industry leaders such as SAP, AWS, IBM, HPE and Dell to address various use cases such as digital transformation projects, performance, security and automation, and to provide enterprise software to solve critical problems in any business. SUSE adapts its solutions and technologies to current market expectations, for example as new technologies emerge and business requirements change. SUSE provides a foundation for digital transformation by helping customers simplify, modernize and accelerate their business. “

Isaaks added, “With the recent acquisition of Rancher, recently named a Leader by Forrester, they are providing customers with a Kubernetes management platform that consistently manages and scales workloads across thousands of clusters in every environment, and every Kubernetes distribution supports the state monitor all of their clusters through a single pane of glass, “he says.

Naidoo said, “Axiz, along with SUSE, provides resellers with sales support, marketing, partner management, credit facilities, product information and support, to name a few. We’re here to support resellers and customers, and since SUSE is just a phone call or email away, they’re always available. “

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