The 7 best SWOT analysis apps for project planning

You can find dozens of paid or free SWOT analysis apps online. However, choosing the right application is critical to performing the appropriate SWOT analysis for your growth.

This article will tell you more about the best SWOT analysis apps to help you analyze your project planning.

MindView's SWOT mind map editor

MindView is a great SWOT analysis tool from MatchWare. It offers a three-step process for creating SWOT analyzes:

  1. Create the SWOT mind map in the MindView canvas.

  2. Add notes, comments, and related data.

  3. share, export, or Save as the mind map in a file format of your choice.

The app also helps you convert the SWOT analysis file to a slideshow file format for business presentation purposes.

MindView is available as a web-based app and as a downloadable application for Windows and macOS devices. You can get the SWOT analysis virtually for free with the 30-day free trial version.

Download: MindView for window | Mac OS (Price: $ 15)

Editing Canva SWOT Analysis Templates

Canva is a high-end graphic design app that also has a mind map drawing function. In addition, Canva has many business-relevant templates for SWOT analysis. The best advantage of the app is that you can personalize your SWOT report with in-house pictures and graphics.

Here’s where it gets good: You can further modify your SWOT analysis by using the background of images, image filters, image composition and cropping. The result will be a more professional and presentable SWOT analysis.

Canva is a free web-based app. You can access your SWOT analysis from anywhere, anytime and with any device. By clicking the share Button in the app you can send anyone an encrypted link to view your project planning.

Download: Canva for window (Free)

Web app display of the SWOT analysis template of the SWOT app

SWOT is not just a SWOT analysis tool, but a complete business suite that you can use to develop a successful growth strategy. SWOT is a web-based app and allows you to access your SWOT analysis project from any device or from any location.

In this app you can create your SWOT analysis for free. You also get free benefits like file export, collaborative voting, and reporting from any device for unlimited projects.

It is super easy to create a SWOT analysis file in SWOT by following the steps below:

  1. Set a clear goal or mission for your project planning.

  2. Enter the relevant data for Strengthen, weaknesses, opportunities, and Threats, according to your project planning model.

  3. The app then suggests three priorities for your project planning for the next 90 days based on the input data.

Display of the Visme web app SWOT analysis template

Visme is a complete suite that allows you to create graphics, infographics and mind maps. You can either install the app on your computer or access it through a web browser. The app is available for free with limited features such as 100MB storage space, limited templates, up to five projects, etc.

You can quickly create a professional-quality SWOT analysis file using either the pre-made templates or the mind map editor tool. However, Visme SWOT analysis templates are much more attractive and take a few minutes to report.

  1. After you have registered for free, click on Create new.

  2. Then under that New projects Section, choose Diagrams and Graphics.

  3. On the Search bar, Type NERD to find several pre-made templates for SWOT analysis.

  4. Select any template and click Edit to open the workspace.

  5. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, you can be quick gift, share, or Download the SWOT analysis.

Download: Visme for window | Mac OS (Free)

Snapshot of the Creately web app SWOT analysis template

Creately is a diagram drawing app that allows team members to collaborate intuitively. As part of the mind map drawing function, the app allows you to generate SWOT analysis reports. The app contains 1000+ smart shapes, numerous themes and styles. As a result, you can easily create a SWOT analysis for project planning from scratch.

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Creately also offers carefully crafted free SWOT analysis templates that fit many business models. After registering for free, follow these steps to do a SWOT analysis:

  1. Click on Create a workspace and then select Brainstorm ideas of the templates list.

  2. Now click on the Use SWOT analysis template button.

  3. You can now edit the template using the objects available in the left panel.

  4. You can either share or export Files as PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc.

Download: Created for window | Mac OS X | Linux (Free)

A look at the Lucidchart web app's SWOT analysis

Lucidchart is one of the best virtual whiteboards for drawing complex and professional mind maps like SWOT analysis. With this app you can create a SWOT analysis for your project planning and collaborate with your team. You can find these features on the free plan:

  • There are three editable documents with up to 60 objects or shapes in each file.

  • Free 100 templates for various mind maps and flowcharts.

  • Basic level app integration and collaboration.

In addition to the mind map maker for SWOT analysis, there are some business templates that you can try. After you sign in to Lucidchart, follow these steps to create your first SWOT analysis file:

  1. Click on New, and then under Lucidchart to choose Create from template.

  2. in the Search templates Field, you can enter NERD and then select the free template that appears.

  3. Now click on Use template to open the Lucidchart artboard.

  4. You can export your SWOT report as a PDF or JPEG file or share it with the staff.

Display of the processing of Confluence SWOT analysis templates

With Confluence, a team workspace, you can create project planning documents with SWOT analyzes. Small businesses or freelancers working in teams can sign up for a free subscription to Confluence.

After registering for free, you can generate a SWOT analysis report by following the steps below:

  1. Click on templates in the top menu bar and then enter NERD by doing Search templates Crate.

  2. Select the SWOT Analysis Template that appears and go through the description to learn strategies.

  3. When you’re done, click Use template to access an editable SWOT design file.

  4. You can enter the data relevant to your project in the bullet fields and click on Publish when it is finished.

  5. You’ll see other options like share, Export to Word, Export as PDF, Etc.

Use SWOT analysis apps for project planning growth

A SWOT analysis requires technical skills at the highest level and a lot of time. However, using any of the apps mentioned in this article, you can easily generate a SWOT analysis report for your project planning.

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