The System76 Thelio Linux desktop case gets a sexy redesign that might not give you wood

System76’s Thelio desktop computers excel in three things – they’re assembled in the USA, run Linux-based operating systems, and have a largely wooden chassis. In the future, the PC will still be assembled in America and shipped with a Linux distribution (Ubuntu or Pop!_OS), but it won’t necessarily contain wood.

You see, the computer manufacturer decided to redesign the case to be mostly aluminum, save for a thin accent stripe. Although the bar may be made of wood, not all are. In other words, it doesn’t go without saying that a Thelio desktop is included any Wood – only if you specifically opt for a wooden access strip. Some of the bars are made of powder-coated aluminum instead. And yes, you can replace the strip by simply squeezing and peeling.

“Thelio was given different color options to feel really personal for a variety of personalities, but what happens when your mood changes? The new interchangeable accents allow users to easily change the aesthetic of their machine; simply slide the panel down and pull it out of the case and push the new panel into place. Changing accents can help users switch between tasks, unwind after work, or get in the zone before a challenging gaming session. It really lets your alter ego come out,” says System76.

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But why exactly did System76 redesign the chassis with less focus on wood? The company explains: “Reducing the amount of wood has made the manufacturing process much more efficient. With the modernized design, applying the accent requires much less precision, allowing for greater consistency and reducing the number of extrusions from four to two.”

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Of course, “new” doesn’t necessarily mean “better,” so I’m sure opinions on this redesign will be mixed. While I find the new chassis style quite attractive, I have to admit that I will miss the previous styling (seen here), which was more wood-focused. But who cares what I think – what to do she Are you thinking of the redesign? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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