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Google’s Chrome OS platform positive has come a long way.

From the early days, when Chrome OS was little bigger than an experimental “browser in a field,” to this time – with the platform that powers world-class hardware and supports a variety of productivity features – Google’s once-insane mission has grown into one of the world’s most fascinating and rapidly growing technological forces.

Because of this, I intensely protected Chrome OS. I’ve lived with the primary Chromebook prototype, the Cr-48, and have since used Chromebooks in various functions as part of my own personal computer setup. I write about the field not only as someone who has studied it professionally from day one, but also as someone who has used it personally all along, up until now.

Whether you are comparatively new to Chrome OS or a Chromebook veteran yourself, I look forward to accompanying you on your journey and serving as your intelligence. This webpage is where you can discover all of my latest Chrome OS protection – its unique rating, guidelines and methodology, and everything in between. I will keep updating it as new topics come up, so usually double-check and keep track of the curve along with your Chromebook data.

Chrome OS basics

Is Chrome OS Best For You? A three question quiz to find out

Chromebooks are not like ordinary computer systems – are they what you want? These three questions will help you (or anyone you know) find the answer.

A very important factor to research before buying a Chromebook

Save the buyer’s regrets by pondering what a Chrome OS device manufacturer isn’t telling you.

Chromebook cheat sheet: how to get started

Got a new Chromebook? This guide will help you navigate the ever-expanding world of Chromebook apps and how to get the most out of Chrome OS.

The smart worker’s guide to using a Chromebook offline

Chrome OS may be cloud-centric at its core, but you can do a lot offline on a Chromebook – if you set things up carefully in advance.

4 Crazy Chromebook Myths Debunked

Knowing it or not, you (and / or your friends and co-workers) have probably heard a lot about Google’s Chrome OS platform. It is time to separate fact from fiction.

6 Important Things You May Not Know About Chrome OS Upgrades

Google’s Chrome OS is not like other operating systems and the way it handles upgrades is no exception.

Reality Check: Can You Use a Chromebook for Work?

Some new perspectives on what a Chromebook can do for professionals.

Chrome OS tips and advice

8 quick fixes for common Chrome OS problems

Solve your Chromebook problems and stay productive with these easy-to-implement, expert-approved solutions.

6 useful Chrome OS features you probably aren’t using

Teach your Chromebook some helpful new tricks and prepare yourself to work more effectively – and play.

22 worthwhile ways to use the Google Assistant on a Chromebook

The Google Assistant is finally working its way into the fabric of Chrome OS and bringing some interesting new possibilities with it – as described here.

The best new Chrome OS feature you haven’t used yet

Well worth discovering this hidden Chromebook gem.

3 smart shortcuts for a strangely hidden Chrome OS command

Note to Chromebook owners: These are the shortcuts you’ve been missing.

How Chrome OS Virtual Desks can change the way you work

A new feature for Chromebooks offers tremendous productivity potential – but it’s up to you to take advantage of it.

Android Apps for Chromebooks: The Essentials

Transform your Chromebook into a uniquely versatile modern computing machine with these Chrome OS enhancing apps.

Linux Apps on Chrome OS: An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Linux apps can expand the capabilities of your Chromebook and open up all sorts of interesting options – but first you need to know where to start.

The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

Make your Chromebook even more powerful with these carefully selected Linux apps to expand the potential of Chrome OS as a business tool.

Boost your Chromebook’s cloud connection performance

With a few simple tweaks, your Chromebook can become an even more connected part of your cloud-centric setup.

Here’s how to turn any website into a custom Chrome OS app

A handy hack to customize your Chromebook and bring native app-like experiences to your favorite websites and services.

A time-saving typing tool that works anywhere in Chrome

Reclaim wasted time and watch your efficiency increase with this spectacularly useful cross-platform add-on.

A clever way to integrate widgets into Chrome OS

Ever wished your Chromebook desktop could do more? This clever hack is exactly the productivity upgrade you need.

Chrome OS analysis

2 Colossal Chrome OS Changes To Watch Out For

Google is quietly working on two shape-shifting Chrome OS features that could completely change the nature of Chromebooks – for the better.

The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 doesn’t come from Google

What a strange and wild twist for the ever-evolving Chromebook saga.

Google’s big Chrome OS plan is finally coming into focus

A seemingly small switch gives us a monumental clue to the future of Chrome OS – and maybe beyond.

What Chrome OS needs to conquer next

Google’s Chromebooks are constantly evolving and expanding, but there is still a tremendous opportunity to be seized.

Google’s upgrade changes for Chrome OS are a solid start

Google is taking a more sensible approach to Chromebook software support. Huzza! Let’s see where this leads us.

It’s time to reconsider the Chrome OS upgrade standard

The column written a month before Google agreed to make the change. As I wrote at the time, Google’s handling of Chrome OS upgrades has long been a win for the platform – but now it’s becoming a burden.

The wild thing about Windows apps on Chrome OS

With Google now offering a way to run Windows software on Chromebooks, things are getting seriously weird.

Hands on: What it’s actually like to use Windows apps on Chrome OS

A close look at Google’s business-centric plan for deploying Windows apps on Chromebooks and how to rely on them in the real world.

The hardware truth Google won’t tell you

Google doesn’t like to talk about it, but there is one type of Android hardware you shouldn’t buy – and it is closely related to the health of Chrome OS.

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