Unigine 2.15 remains one of the most beautiful engines, Vulkan is still WIP

While there hasn’t been a lot to talk about Unigine lately when it comes to Linux games, and they seem to place less emphasis on Unigine as a game engine these days, this cross-platform SDK / engine continues to be pretty visually impressive, their Linux die Support remains in good shape and they seem to be enjoying very successful efforts on the commercial simulation side. Unigine 2.15 was released this week as the newest version of their engine.

Unigine 2.15 offers improvements to its realistic real-time water simulations, landscape-terrain improvements, demo improvements and more.

On the build side, Unigine 2.15 introduces a new node-based material editor, improvements to the terrain generation tool, a new cluster brush editor, and other improvements to the Unigine editor.

The Unigine 2.15 release notes say they are still working on DirectX 12 and Vulkan support, which is pretty late in the game at this point, but hopefully comes soon. They have also worked to support the latest game consoles, a new in-app GUI system, and offscreen rendering support.

Since there is unfortunately no new Unigine benchmark this year to torment the latest graphics cards, the biggest excitement we have is at least some new screenshots of Unigine 2.15 in action:

Learn more about Unigine 2.15 at Unigine.com.

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