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Tab organization is just a click away in the latest Chrome Canary for Windows build, which lets you reorganize tabs with simple keyboard shortcuts. Although this feature is still in beta, we expect it in the next stable Chrome release (version 102).

The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + Page Up/Down) moves your selected browser tab left or right. It’s faster than using the cursor to rearrange tabs, especially when combined with the tab selection keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Page Down).

Here is Chromium Gerrit’s commit note:

Add Windows shortcuts to rearrange tabs

First, Chrome Linux/Lacros had shortcuts to rearrange tabs left/right (Ctrl + Shift + Page Up/Down). Then Mac just got them, so add them to Windows.

As mentioned in the commit, Google introduced this keyboard shortcut in Chrome for Linux a few years ago. Apparently the company forgot about a Windows rollout.

Google itself has not confirmed this new feature. But in Gerrit’s comments section, Senior Software Engineer Avi Drissman notes that an “help article update is requested and pending”. I assume he’s referring to the Chrome keyboard shortcuts support page.

This bodes well for the new keyboard shortcut coming to Chrome version 102. However, there is no guarantee that this feature will ever leave beta.

If you want to test the tab reordering shortcut on Windows, just install the latest version of Chrome Canary (version 102). Keep in mind that Chrome Canary will not replace the regular Chrome browser on your PC – both will be available as two separate applications.

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