Warzone’s new loadout system was removed after it caused errors

Raven Software has made a new loadout system. away Call of Duty: Warzone after causing multiple bugs and serious problems.

The newest War zone Patch included a silent addition to preparing loadouts in the pregame lobby. This usually happens in a match when you snag a loadout drop, and can cost vital seconds.

These loadouts contain certain weapons and attachments and can be one of the most powerful pickups in. be War zone. This was a nice quality of life feature, but Raven was quick to remove it.

The players discovered that a bug resulted in the players jumping out of the cargo plane completely with their bespoke weapons and equipment. This is especially powerful in the early moments of a game when other players have to get by with whatever they can find.

This issue also occurred when players returned to the game from the gulag. They would normally have to start from scratch instead of showing up with their top notch gear.

This was a bug that resulted in players using the Dead Silence Infinite field upgrade, which silences players’ movements and gives them a boost in speed. This can be incredibly powerful when used at the right time, with the caveat that it only lasts for a limited time and has a cooldown between uses.

Raven Software accepted Twitter to say that it has been updated War zone to remove the function for preparing loadouts. This has fixed the spawn related issues as well as the infinite dead silence bug. The developer added that this feature will be reactivated at a later date.

In the same update that added the Infinite Dead Silence bug, Raven also updated the High Alert bug so that players can hear those using Dead Silence, which is an antithesis to the high power ability.

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