Wind River Linux updates with Linux LTS 5.10 and a pre-made binary file


Wind River has released Wind River Linux LTS21, which will be further developed into Linux LTS 5.10, Yocto Project 3.3 and Qt 5.15.2. New features include a Linux assembly tool for image creation and a pre-built binary distribution.

We last heard of Wind River in February 2020 when the company released an unnamed version of Wind River Linux that, among other things, added an optional Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) model with more frequent updates. The company, which also offers the VxWorks RTOS, has now released Wind River Linux Long Term Support (LTS) 21 with a new Linux assembly tool and an option for a pre-built binary distribution.

Wind River is a hardened, fully functional, commercial Linux distribution based primarily on open source code such as Yocto Project. The distribution provides “a complete Linux development platform for embedded device development” with toolchain, tools and thousands of packages for applications such as telecommunications, networking, aerospace, defense, industrial and consumer.

Wind River Linux LTS21 comes with the latest Linux LTS 5.10 kernel that will be serviced until 2026. The release upgrades to Yocto Project 3.3 “Hardknott”, which was released in April. Other upgrades include Qt 5.15.2 as well as Docker 19.03 and gcc 10.2.x.

The new Linux Assembly Tool is designed for image management tasks like building and publishing RPM packages, generating images from package feeds for specific hardware, and generating an updated SDK. Additionally, “you can add or remove packages and provide all pre-build and post-build instructions for the build,” says Wind River.


A related new feature is a ready-made binary distribution that “enables dramatically faster prototyping of embedded Linux operating systems by eliminating the need to create the entire operating system from source code,” says the former Intel subsidiary. “With the Linux Assembly Tool, binary distribution enables a custom embedded operating system to be created in as little as an hour, compared to more than a day.”

The LTS21 version offers new TensorFlow support and, shortly in LTS21 RCPL, new Intel OpenVINO support. Additional features include improved OSTree support, a new “Chrony” replacement for NTP and “full activation” for Wind River Workbench. Hardware support includes Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, Intel Tiger Lake and Ice Lake-SP as well as NXP LS1028A, i.MX7, i.MX8 QuadMax and SP32G. Among other things, Zynq UltraScale + MPSoC is also supported.

additional Information

Wind River Linux Long Term Support 21 is available immediately at undisclosed prices. Please visit the Wind River LTS21 announcement and product page for more information.


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